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Custom produced videos, email marketing and online learning platforms to engage current & prospective families online

This package is available to any school in the world. We work with our global network of videographers to take the videos for your engagement package.
* Travel fees may apply for some areas.


The schools that HAVE read this OBVIOUS global trend are jumping on now and intelligently investing in their future. In 3-5 years time, the schools that didn’t will wish they did.


Categorically, as a human species, we have shifted our attention to our devices. The time has arrived where all schools MUST do the same and shift their engagement strategy to content-rich websites and social channels in order to stand a chance of engaging & educating current & prospective students & families at home.


Two Components to Smart-Engage

Grow your enrolments & engage your current community with the most valuable business asset in 2021 and beyond: CONTENT

Part 1: Sell to Prospective Families

A unique selling system that finds, talks to and nurtures prospective families with rich video content. Designed to tell positive stories about your school – we help you send your message to the world – all on auto-pilot

Part 2: Educate & Engage Your Current Community

We help you take the learning home by building your very own dynamically rich online education platform – “Upschool” with content designed to engage parents and students at home and improve learning outcomes at the same time

Part 1:
‘Sell to Prospective Families’

Online video tours for schools is our world-first system that showcases you like never before

↓↓ Example Video ↓↓

Part 1: How ‘Sell your School’ works →


Offer something of value in substitute for a prospects details

We offer something of value (an Online Video Tour) in substitute for the prospects contact details.  Bingo – a very attractive offer for a parent who has a very important decision to make. Win/Win. They get the videos, you get their details.



We must assume that because they have left their contact details for the “Online Video Tour” they are in the market for a school for their child. So, what better opportunity than right now (whilst it’s on their radar) to ask them to come in for a “School Tour”.

The first video is automatically sent

Let the immersion begin! Straight away your prospective parents land on “Video 1” of the Online Tour – a brief overview and welcome to the school. You tell them to check their email inbox over the next few weeks as you have a bunch of videos coming where they get to meet the teachers, parents, current students and learn about all the key selling points of your school.


Like clockwork, all of the videos in the series are delivered

Our system starts sending the pre-made emails with links embedded to the videos to your prospective parents over the course of a few weeks on auto-pilot. It’s short, sharp, engaging and really helps parents gain a great insight into your school.

Never again will a prospective family slip through the cracks and not get the information they need to make the decision they have to make.

We now live in the ‘information age’

Dynamically updated, content-rich websites and social channels are the future of how successful organisations are engaging with their communities.

Part 2:
‘Educate & Engage Your Current Community’

Have you ever noticed how the biggest & best organizations in the world are always the ones that innovate first?

↓↓ Example Videos ↓↓

Part 2: How ‘Educate & Engage’ works → 

We build an online education platform for you called “Upschool” and fill it with rich educational videos featuring a combination of your staff & our independently curated content. “Upschool” bridges the learning gap between the school and home

Example 1: Transition Video Series

A few weeks before your incoming students arrive (Preps, Year 7’s, University Students) they will receive a video series telling them all of the things they need to know for a smooth start and even some key concepts that they can start practicing at home.

Example 2: Learning Support Videos

An example learning support video can be one of your Prep teachers running a range of guided reading sessions with some students – but actually explaining the best strategy and the science behind how it works – so the parents can implement it at home.

Imagine in 5+ years time having a dynamic content library with literally hundreds or even thousands of your own high quality support videos sitting on your own platform that your community (or anyone in the world) could access from any phone, tablet or desktop computer – 24/7.

Can you imagine the benefits to student outcomes and parent engagement levels if you could facilitate better quality learning at home?

The #1 system in the world needs many inclusions

New Video Content Annually

Dedicated Websites

Improve Learning Outcomes

Digital Marketing Strategy

Graphic Design & Branding

Automation Tools

No Impact on Current Website

Professional Photography


100% Risk Free Trial


Our aim is to ensure Smart-Engage: 
a) Helps you secure valuable enrolments
b) Improves learning outcomes by better engaging your community
c) Enhances your reputation in the community as a school that offers serious value to current families

For just $6,984 per year (with a package) you get a dedicated enrolment and engagement platform, new videos annually, automated emails, graphic design, photography, copyrighting and unlimited updates and refreshers. Not to mention a world-first and world-class strategy to stand out from the crowd. This has to be one of the best investments a school could make – without question.

Nearly 100% of school leaders we meet with take Smart-Engage for their school or institution

If having the Smart-Engage system (which we believe to be the best in the world for education) was only able to bring you in just one more enrolment, would it be justified paying $6,984 per year?

Financially, how much is just one extra enrolment worth to your school? 

Want to boost your enrolments!

Learn about the #1 system in the world for enroling MORE students into your school

Want to see in some more detail how our sytem works?

This 3-day video course is a great place to start. Answer a couple of simple questions to get started and we will send you your custom strategy.

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The best school website on planet earth

Finally, a school website company that never lets your site go out of date. Our continually updated and refreshed website package for primary schools, secondary schools & tertiary institutions means you will never ask “who is going to update the website” again

What you have done is amazing. We have just booked 35 tours in Term 1 – which is 30 more than the same time last year.

Digital Schools has the number one system for showcasing your school online – without doubt”
Paul Lowe, Billanook Primary School

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