What is Digital Schools?

To best explain what Digital Schools is – it’s worthwhile talking firstly about what we’re not.

At Digital Schools:

WE’RE NOT another website design company (though we build websites that out-perform the competition many times over)

WE’RE NOT another video production house that produces “promo” videos (though we do produce and use video as a core component of our engagement strategy)

 WE’RE NOT another marketing company that exists to help you reach new audiences in order to boost enrolments (though we do use many of the up-to-the-minute marketing trends that do have a logical by-product of reaching and engaging new audiences) 

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what are we?


WE ARE an organisation who at its very core exists to put the power back in the hands of the most trusted people in the world – educators – by giving them a platform that allows them to share positive, inspiring and educational messages with their communities that can (and will) change our world for the better

– WE ARE built, designed and influenced by educators, and in that we carry an innate and intimate understanding of education

– WE ARE an organisation that exists to help shape minds, share information and inspire change

Digital Schools is more than a product, a service or a system.

We’re a movement that is chasing the indefinable and the intangible.

We are the future that has not been written yet. 

We are proudly DIGITAL SCHOOLS

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Change Making Communities

Underpinning everything we do at Digital Schools is a deep desire to create positive change in the world. Whilst we look like a website company, we are more than that. We are an education company that uses websites as a tool to help you share positive, inspiring and educational messages with the world.

Acknowledgment of Country

Digital Schools would like to acknowledge that we live, work, learn and play on the lands of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's – who are the oldest continuing culture in human history and the traditional owners of the land we now call Australia. We acknowledge the wisdom and diversity of these people and seek to learn from and be inspired by their culture. We are grateful for the dignity they show us in allowing us to share this land with them. Our pledge is to continue to work to bring more awareness to topics that the elders past, present and emerging bring our attention to and take meaningful action to create positive change here in Australia and the wider world.