Meet STUDENT VOICE – Launching June 22

Any school from any country can join this program.
Expose your students to vital skills for 21st-century learners and engage your current parents at the same time with your student led media communications team.

Student Voice: A Platform for Your Students to Share & Shine

We empower your students to broadcast the latest stories, updates and anecdotes from around the school

We will train your appointed ‘Student Media Team’ in the art of content creation. From just 20-30 mins per week, your students can write, film, photograph and create content for your school website and communication channels. The students will learn awesome skills and the parents will be engaged like never before!

Sample Lesson Below From Our Flagship Course for Student Voice: “The Good News”

The foundation course students will go through called “The Good News”.

‘The Good News’ is a student led initiative that promotes the sharing of positive, inspiring and educational messages with communities.

There is good news in every classroom and playground in the world, every day.
Good news that has the potential to inspire our mums and dads, brothers and sisters, teachers, carers and wider communities.


Hear a more indepth breakdown of what is involved and how the program works.

Why do schools need content?

Our world is content obsessed

In a world that is dominated by social media and online content, schools that are not participating in the growing and changing landscape of media, marketing and communications will grow further and further behind.


21st century skills for learners

Ask any child what they want to do when they grow up and chances are lots of them will tell you they want to be a “You Tuber”. Social media managers, content creators and content curators are the careers of tomorrow. Give them a head start


Engage your community

Your content says a lot about who you are and what you value. Online content is your chance to create social engagement and interaction. The more meaningful content you provide, the more interaction you get – and as we know – more engagement means better learning outcomes.


Cultural sustainability

Like never before, we have the opportunity to share ideas, stories, information and experiences. To nurture the growth and wellbeing of your community it is important to communicate values, interests and idea that are meaningful and sustainable.


How It Works →

Step One - Appoint Media Leaders

We recommend appointing some students to drive the Student Voice Team. Once they are appointed they will join our online training program. We will teach them everything from how to find the stories and write about them to how to use cameras to add additional engagement to the story, create videos and take photos.

Step Two - Capture Stories and / or Shoot Weekly Content

The students will act like journalists in your school and allocate some time each week to find stories, write about those stories, film content and photograph events. They can interview the principal, teachers and other students. Where you are dealing with film, we can edit it for you into a weekly / fortnightly / monthly show.

Step Three - We Will Give You a Website to Upload to and Even Edit Your Footage if You are Making Videos

We have a specially designed website for you that can link to your main website (or you can use your current website). We can help you upload to your website we will even edit your footage into a beautiful web show. We have a range of options to suit your needs.

Student Voice: Video Example

Below is a BETA version of an episode we produced for Chirnside Park Primary School. It’s pretty RAW and was produced with an IPAD and a small amount of planning by some grade 6 children (we will also get them to use a microphone next time!) – but hopefully you can see it’s potential 🙂


We built a BETA version of School.TV with Chirnside Park Primary School. Using only an IPAD and a few ideas, the kids were able to whip around the school and ask some topical questions. The footage was seamlessly transferred to us and we edited it the program and loaded onto their website and social channels.


$4790/AUD per year (ex GST)
  • » Access to our full online training portal (run by qualified teachers)
  • » Weekly live question and answer sessions plus recordings of these sessions (school hours in Australian Eastern Standard Time)
  • » Access to a dedicated website to host the content – we will teach your students to manage this
  • » Optional – We will edit 5 videos for free from your student’s footage (the finished video will be up to 5 minutes in length. Additional videos are $95 each)
  • » Support loading onto your website
  • » Unlimited support

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The feedback we are getting from the parents is so positive. So many of them are telling us that no school provides this quality of information online.

The Digital Schools system is so unique – we absolutely love it”

Paul Lowe, Billanook Primary School

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Change Making Communities

Underpinning everything we do at Digital Schools is a deep desire to create positive change in the world. Whilst we look like a website company, we are more than that. We are an education company that uses websites as a tool to help you share positive, inspiring and educational messages with the world.

Acknowledgment of Country

Digital Schools would like to acknowledge that we live, work, learn and play on the lands of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's – who are the oldest continuing culture in human history and the traditional owners of the land we now call Australia. We acknowledge the wisdom and diversity of these people and seek to learn from and be inspired by their culture. We are grateful for the dignity they show us in allowing us to share this land with them. Our pledge is to continue to work to bring more awareness to topics that the elders past, present and emerging bring our attention to and take meaningful action to create positive change here in Australia and the wider world.