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“Success comes from doing things differently”

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Here’s to those who have always seen things differently. The ones who follow a vision, not a path.
Keep thrusting, there is always another way, a better way, a bigger way. One that lifts up humanity. Breaks down our barriers. And heals the landscape. You are the difference between the world as it was and the better place it will become.
And different is the one thing about us, that will always be the same.

How to Organise Your School Website For Easy Navigation

Sadly, many school website designs are so disorganized that they leave prospective and current parents tearing their hair out with frustration because they can’t find the information that they need. In this post, we examine some simple strategies to ensure that your next website design ticks more boxes than just looking good!

4 Reasons Why Schools Should Use Video Marketing to Boost Engagement

Video has all but overtaken the internet – and really it’s only just begun. Mark Zuckerberg said in 5 years time Facebook content will be nearly 100% video based. Schools that invest in a video marketing strategy should see benefits instantly to enrolments and engagement – but as their video collateral increases, they will be best placed to dominate the online marketing space.

2 Proven Steps to Enrol More Students using a ‘Customer Journey Optimisation’ Strategy

Did you know that if your school website doesn’t make an immediate positive first impression to someone who is looking at you for the first time then your chances of securing that family just took a hit? And that is before they even know what your product (the education you are offering) is like. In this post we will give you a couple of tricks to keep the attention and make that first impression count!

The Secret Sales Weapon For School Tours

For those that have to sell your school - be it tours, open nights, information evenings or just face to face with a current parent that you already have ... read on. I have a secret selling weapon for you! Now.. you can't box this article into selling to just...

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