Meet Upschool +

We take your website from static to dynamic by producing educational and mindfulness content for you and posting it to your website and social channels to help educate and engage your current community

We turn your website into an online education centre

UpSchool+ by Digital Schools is education and wellbeing content produced by us – for you.

We professionally produce articles, videos and activities in the mindfulness, wellbeing and educational space and upload it weekly for viewing on your current website (or we can provide you an independent platform to host it if this is not possible), social media channels and newsletters as a resource for your community.

We work as a cross between your social media and/or website manager and content curator

Why do I need content?

Our World is Content Obsessed

In a world that is dominated by social media and online content, schools that are not participating in the growing and changing landscape of media, marketing and communications will grow further and further behind.

Cultural Sustainability

Like never before, we have the opportunity to share ideas, stories, information and experiences. To nurture the growth and wellbeing of your community it is important to communicate values, interests and ideas that are meaningful and sustainable.

Engage Your Community

Your content says a lot about who you are and what you value. Online content is your chance to create social engagement and interaction. The more meaningful content you provide, the more interaction you get – and as we know – more engagement means better learning outcomes.

How it Works →

Step One - Select Your Content

Choose the style of content you would like for your online audience. We have a range of topics and genres to suit kids, adults, teachers and families.

Step Two - We Produce The Content

We write and produce your content and media. All the products we make are creative and visual, incorporating images and artwork that are designed in-house.

Step Three - We Upload It For You

Choose where you would like to have your content viewed. We will provide you with a platform to host it which sits seamlessly beside your main website. We can also upload it to social media pages or your existing website too.

Upschool+ Content Examples

Below are some examples of the type of content we create and load onto school websites


Mindfulness article - Mandala Art

In this article, we take a look at the history of mandala art and why it’s used as a tool to reduce stress and anxiety. We also provide a mandala activity for download ready to colour in.


Video activity - Yoga

In this video, we find out how yoga can be used to still the mind and strengthen the body. We aim to create content that is informative, interactive, creative and fun.


Mindfulness article - breath

Learning to breathe properly is essential for our health and wellbeing. Breathing regulates our heart rate, influences the release of chemicals into the bloodstream, removes toxins from the body and helps us to metabolise food and waste. This article explores why learning to breathe properly is a key to a healthy mind and body


The feedback we are getting from the parents is so positive. So many of them are telling us that no school provides this quality of information online. 

The Digital Schools system is so unique – we absolutely love it”

Paul Lowe, Billanook Primary School

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Change Making Communities

Underpinning everything we do at Digital Schools is a deep desire to create positive change in the world. Whilst we look like a website company, we are more than that. We are an education company that uses websites as a tool to help you share positive, inspiring and educational messages with the world.

Acknowledgment of Country

Digital Schools would like to acknowledge that we live, work, learn and play on the lands of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's – who are the oldest continuing culture in human history and the traditional owners of the land we now call Australia. We acknowledge the wisdom and diversity of these people and seek to learn from and be inspired by their culture. We are grateful for the dignity they show us in allowing us to share this land with them. Our pledge is to continue to work to bring more awareness to topics that the elders past, present and emerging bring our attention to and take meaningful action to create positive change here in Australia and the wider world.