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Smart-Enrol: Online Video Tours for schools

A world-first system that showcases your school like never before

The world is video obsessed. It’s the number one engagement tool on the web and the revolution has only just begun.

‘Smart-Enrol’ is a brand new opportunity for education that combines video content, clever story-telling and a world-class digital marketing strategy for schools in order to find, talk to and sell to prospective families.

As a result, schools all over Australia are attaining enrolments they formally never saw.

The #1 system in the world needs many inclusions

New Video Content Annually

Video on websites increases sales by 80% or more – so we produce dozens of unique videos annually (both sales and education based) that will engage current & prospective families in a very unique way.

Dedicated Enrolment Website

Our dedicated enrolment website is smart! It does something that the traditional school website can’t do – it finds out who your visitors are, captures their details and gets them onto your school tours.

Automation Tools

Our system is so smart that the selling happens in the background meaning you can focus on education. Gone are the days of manually following up every sales lead. Save this job for the robots!

Digital Marketing

The online marketing for schools strategies we use are world class and have only been available to the biggest companies in the world in the past. We have now made them accessible to you.

Graphic Design & Copyrighting

No time? No worries. As standard, we do everything for you including planning, graphic design, branding, copyrighting and more – meaning your time investment can be small.

Professional Photography

A picture tells a thousand words – so we take lots of pretty pictures to feature throughout your platform – all included in the annual fee.

Never Stop Growing

Due to our unique subscription-based model, we build, update and refresh your content and strategy annually – meaning you will never go out of date again.

Zero Impact On Your Main Website

Full integration guaranteed! There is no need to change anything you currently do – our system can sit fully independent of your existing digital infrastructure. You’ll be online without fuss.

Educate Your Community

We help you send the learning home by taking your online presense from static and boring to dynamic and content rich – designed to inform, educate & engage.

Mobile Responsive

Every site and strategy we build is handcrafted to perform brilliantly on every device – desktop, tablet and mobile.

Completely Affordable

Our system is designed to make your school money. If it only brings in just one extra student then you should be in front financially.

100% Risk Free Trial

We know our work is world-class so we put our money where our mouth is. If you don’t love what we have done – you don’t pay!

Say Goodbye to ‘Promo Videos’

→ Meet Online Video Tours ←

A brand new opportunity to stand out. Watch how it works


Finally, school marketing strategies that actually work. 

A very brief overview of how the ‘Online Video Tour’ works

The below example is based on a primary school – but can be easily adapted to a secondary school or higher education institution

1. Offer something of value

If you don’t have a mechanism in place to capture the details of the people coming to your website to check you out, you are missing out on many, many opportunuties to sell. So, we offer something of value (an Online Video Tour) in substitute for the prospects contact details.  Bingo – a very attractive offer for a parent who has a very important decision to make. Win/Win. They get the videos, you get their details.

2. How about a school tour?

We must assume that because they have left their contact details for the “Online Video Tour” they are actively in the market for a school for their child. So, what better opportunity than right now (whilst it’s on their radar) to ask them to come in for a “School Tour”.

3. The first video

Let the immersion begin! Straight away your prospective parents land on “Video 1” of the Online Tour – a brief overview and welcome to the school. You tell them to check their email inbox over the next few weeks as you have a bunch of videos coming where they get to meet the teachers, parents, current students and learn about all the key selling points of your school.

4. You have mail

Be front of mind! Like clockwork, the system starts sending your pre-made videos and emails to your prospective parents over the course of a few weeks on auto-pilot. It’s short, sharp, engaging and really helps parents gain a great insight into your school. Most importantly, you are front of mind so when the decision has to be made to choose a school, you’re in the box seat because you have been touching base all this time.

Never again will a prospective family slip through the cracks and not get the information they need.

Pick the plan that’s right for you

If an “Online Video Tour” was only able to help you secure just one extra enrolment, would that pay for the platform? If it helped you secure two more enrolments, would that mean you were in front financially?

** Small schools of 100 students or less are eligible to a 20% discount off the listed price below

From just $3,564 per year you get a dedicated enrolment website, multiple videos annually, automated emails, graphic design, photography, copyrighting and unlimited updates and refreshers. Not to mention a world-first and world-class strategy to stand out from the crowd. This has to be one of the best investments a school could make – without question.

Nearly 100% of school leaders we meet with take Smart-Enrol for their school or institution

If having the Smart-Enrol system (which we believe to be the best in the world for education) was only able to bring you in just one more enrolment, would it be justified paying (from only) $74 per week, $297 per month or $3,564 per year?

How much is gaining extra enrolments worth to your school? 

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Finally, a school website company that never lets your site go out of date. Our continually updated and refreshed website package for primary schools, secondary schools & tertiary institutions means you will never ask “who is going to update the website” again

What you have done is amazing. We have just booked 35 tours in Term 1 – which is 30 more than the same time last year.

Digital Schools has the number one system for showcasing your school online – without doubt”
Paul Lowe, Billanook Primary School

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