Upschool – Our Ideas List for Schools

This page is designed to give you ideas and inspiration in how you can shape and develop your unique and customized version of “UPSCHOOL”. the “NETFLIX” style platform that we have custom-built for your school!

This platform is designed to:

Increase results

Our aim is to ensure this platform provides high-quality support resources for your parents – so they can best support their children at home.

Engage current (& prospective) parents

As we know, parent and student attention is on the device. So your attention should be there too. Continuing to invest your time in this platform will pay dividends in the years to come. Imagine in 5-10 years time when there are thousands of videos & other resources in there!

Give you the competitive edge

Your school is unique. Very few other schools in the world have a platform as comprehensive as this (apart from the small number of other schools we work with). Utilizing this platform well will keep you ahead of the curve.

And most importantly, this platform will grow and evolve every year with new and exciting content and add-ons – and of course, it will never go out of date. As part of your package with Digital Schools – we create new videos every year and update anything we have done in the past that no longer serves you. Please speak to us before on the days we are in your school if there is any updates you need to older content. 



Category: School Ready

Common videos schools produce for this category

– basic alphabet recognition ideas with your kinder age child
– how to tie your shoelaces (student demonstrates)
– how to hold the pencil correctly
– importance of packing your own bag 
– what to bring to school in your school bag
– building your child’s fine motor skills for writing
– teaching your child correct number formation
– importance of developing one-to-one recognition with your child

Category: Literacy

Common videos schools produce for this category

– how to do the take-home reader with your child
– how to read a picture storybook with your child
– importance of reading chapter books with your children
– how we teach reading for comprehension 
– decoding skills you can use when reading with your child
– doing a “pre-read” with your child (scanning the book to establish      what it will be about)
– how to hold the pencil correctly
– basic alphabet recognition ideas
– Why we encourage students to read every night at home

Category: Numeracy

Common videos schools produce for this category

 how to do 1 digit, 2 digit and 3 digit addition, subtraction, division and multiplication (12 very short videos approx here)
 how we teach fractions
 fun ways to teach times tables
 strategies for mental computation

Category: Wellbeing

Common videos schools produce for this category

 how to encourage your children to develop a growth mindset
– what do do if your child is anxious about coming to school
– ways to encourage your child to be a “bucket filler”
– what is bullying
– what to do if your child comes home and says they have been bullied
– how to help your children with conflict resolution
– how to develop restorative conversations with your children
– the importance of using common language in values education

Category: Physical Education

Common videos schools produce for this category

 importance of practising fundamental motor skills
 how we teach throwing
 how we teach catching
 how we teach jumping
 fun ideas to get your children active at home

Category: Languages

Common videos schools produce for this category

 how to count to 20 in our language
 highfrequency words
 primary colours
 common greetings
 ideas to implement LOTE in the home

Category: General Information

Common videos schools produce for this category

– how to interpret the school report
– why getting involved as a classroom helper is a wonderful thing to do
– preparation for the sacramental programs (faith-oriented schools)
– what is bullying?
– what is NAPLAN and why do we do it
– what to do if your child’s NAPLAN results are not as good as you hoped
– how to choose a secondary school for your child
– do I have to be catholic to come to this school (faith-oriented schools)
– questions to ask your child when you pick them up from school to avoid the dreaded “one-word-response”
– preparing for school camp – what to bring, what to expect
– our homework policy
– what to bring and expect and how to prepare for the school camp
– how to best prepare for secondary school
– Future staff recruitment video – a message from a range of staff members selling your school as a desirable place to work




→ How to pack for school camp

→ What to do if your child is feeling anxious about going on school camp

→ Easy ways to engage your child in music at home

→ Our 4 school values and how you can implement them at home

→ How to get your children to become “bucket fillers”

→ How to sing “happy birthday” in German

→ How you can help your children repair damaged relationships

→ How you can make your home cyber safe

→ How you can help your child develop a growth mindset

→ How you can encourage your children to have an inquiring mind

→ How you can support your child with their homework

→ Perfect responses to misbehaviour

→ The importance of not focussing on the outcome in Physical Education

→ Common Indonesian Phrases

→ Questions to ask your child at the end of the day

→ What to do if your child is a reluctant reader

→ What is bullying?

→ What to do if your child has some separation anxiety around starting school

→ What is NAPLAN and why do we do it?

→ What to do if your child’s NAPLAN results are not strong

→ “No” is not a dirty word!

Shoot Day Planning & Instructions

Firstly – It’s ok for your teachers to come with a few ideas but better if they just come with an open mind so we can brainstorm ideas on the fly for things we would love parents to know – and shoot as we go. 

The filming session is very relaxed. Most teachers do not plan much at all.

Our recommendation is to give us access to one (or two) of your prep teachers for about 1 to 1.5 hours (not at the same time) with one child and a big range of concrete materials. Prep is a great place to start for this platform. 

You can then give us access to teachers in other levels and specialists as you see fit.

Some schools give us access to other literacy/numeracy specialists within the school to do a range of videos on behalf of the school.

We run some “mini-lessons” with the children and film it all. We always come up with lots of ideas on the fly, so your shoot day doesn’t have to be fully planned out – or planned at all!

If you think about “what are the things we would love our children to know before they arrive at school” and also “what would we love them to know once they are at school” – that is a great place to start.

Think about some of the info you share at parent info nights and in take-home flyers and we can create some resources from that list of items too!

Shooting these videos is very laid back and relaxed. To date – most teachers find it very straightforward as you are just showing us everyday teaching activities.

It’s not intended to be scripted – so don’t feel as though you need to prepare much at all.

We can’t wait to see you at your school soon!


Book your shooting dates

Please contact Richard @ Digital Schools via email to book your shooting dates


Some Platforms to be inspired by

melbourne primary school

Billanook Primary School

melbourne primary school

Antonio Park Primary School

melbourne primary school

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School

melbourne primary school

St Mary’s Primary School




Think about what other videos we can create

Be fun, creative, entertaining. How can you put your unique “school personality” into videos you create on this platform.


Don't be limited by what you see on other platforms

Success comes from doing things differently. Brainstorm with Richard or with your team. We are always ready to push the limits with you!


Think about topical / seasonal content

School transitions, end of year celebrations, holidays, NAPLAN, parent teacher interviews or the school FETE… what content can we create now that will be great to share when these seasonal programs come around


Share the content

Social media, school apps, flyers in kinders or sister schools on the other side of the world. How can you tell the world this content is there and really encourage your families and the wider community to engage with it. Speak to Richard for ideas if you are stuck