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Our web design services stem from something more than just a stock-standard solution. We embody value, inspiration, and people-centred experiences into every element of your website. This allows you to provide a quality-driven, well-crafted virtual landscape for your community. Pouring your thoughts into a visual home with smooth, easy-to-follow navigation, we make sure prospective students and parents are left with an impressive impression of the future relationship they can expect with your school.

Why is investing in

custom web

design for schools

in Sydney


Sydney is a fast-paced, modern metropolis. Making sure that your institution stands out both on and offline is a priority for attracting new enrolments. Our agency has the skill, care, and creativity to craft an online platform that nurtures, educates and informs – and we believe that’s our competitive edge.

Let us showcase your unique view of education to the world and bridge the gap between your community and the new families looking to become a part of it.

We Design

Every site we produce gets beautiful graphic design work, banner ads and thoughtfully produced colour palettes. We say goodbye to ugly websites for schools.

Professional Photography

Included in our package is a pro photographer to come out to your school and take high quality images to bring your new site to life.

Free Re-Build Every 2 Years With Photos

Never go outdated again. Included in our modest annual fee is a free re-design of your site every 2 years – with new professional photos too!

World Class Marketing Strategy

We have a proven plan to ensure your site performs it’s desired outcome based on years of research, testing and refinement. Clear ‘call to action’ and a great user experience is key.

We Copyright

Don’t underestimate the importance of copyrighting. Large companies pay $1000 per word for someone to write for them. We write words and headlines that stand out and demand attention. It also saves you time!

Unlimited Updates

No longer do you have to worry about having someone on staff manage the school website. We are on-call all year round to keep you fresh.

Mobile Responsive

Every site is handcrafted to display brilliantly on every device – desktop, tablet and mobile.

Engage with Upschool

Every school wants a dynamic website with regular updates. Problem is – no one has time to do it. We write educational articles and load them onto your site weekly – making you look great (add-on)!

Your Own TV Station

Share your weekly achievements and updates far and wide. We will help you produce a weekly web program that doesn’t cost you your own time (add-on).

Online Without Hassle

We do everything for you so the website re-build doesn’t impact your already busy schedule.

Video Production

Websites that have video are 80% more likely to convert traffic into leads you can sell to. We can write and produce compelling stories to share with the world (add-on).

100% Risk Free Trial

We know our work is the best in the industry so we put our money where our mouth is. If you don’t love what we have done – you don’t pay!

Authentic connections are at the centre of our offering

In the digital world, connection is everything. Navigating the online sphere with smooth-sailing features is important to the user experience. And with schools, it’s no different. Reel in more enrolments by allowing your audience to be guided through your door easily.

Driving experience-centric, education-focused strategies, we’ll help you action powerful school marketing services throughout Sydney, helping you tackle your biggest challenges and hit your biggest goals.

We value love, honesty, and trust in all that we do; and our greatest objective is to encourage meaningful personal and work connections with those we work with. From parents and families to the wider community throughout Sydney, our custom web design for schools is made for people, by people. And that’s the winning formula.


Summary – the real value of what we do

Although we teach our students not to judge a book by its cover, the reality is that as humans we do. First impressions count – because they are nearly impossible to reverse. That’s why having a brilliant visual presence is vital for any school or business to thrive in today’s online landscape. 

Hand Built Custom Site - $5,000+ value

World Class Marketing Strategy (priceless)

Professional Photography - Option 2 ($1,500 value)

Graphic Design ($750 value)

Copyrighting ($1,500 value)

Unlimited Site Updates ($990 value)

Total Value Annually: $9,740

You Pay: Only $988 per year (Option 1 after year 1)

You Pay: Only $1,548 per year (option 2 after year 1)

Boost your reach with our school marketing company in Sydney

More than any other city in Australia, Sydney’s size makes marketing a must. Bringing awareness to parents and families about your institution your unique outlook on education and the life within your community. Create prosperous relationships with new parents and families looking for a school that caters to their needs, all the while nurturing through a website that’s designed to convert.

Our school website design agency carries an outlook that puts people first, making us a leader in what we do. With bespoke solutions and strategies to suit your individual goals, we’ll help you pave the bath to increase enrolments and engagement with your prospects (and even your existing community).

We have your best interests at heart, so let us show you how we can create a positive future for your school. Speak with us today to get started and to learn more about our service offering.

” What you have done is amazing. We have just booked 35 tours in Term 1 – which is 30 more than the same time last year.

Digital Schools has the number one system for showcasing your school online – without doubt”
Paul Lowe, Billanook Primary School

Try our system on 100% risk-free trial and become another smart-school who has fallen in love with the Digital Schools online system

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